Why Choose Us
TThe backbone of our success in this industry has been our hardworking and professional management. We are also grateful to our wonderful team of craftsmen whose sweat and toil reflects in our shining business record.Our
company is a reputed Trademark in the textile industry known for introducing cutting edge technologies which sets new fashion trends the market. All our products can be attributed to unparalleled experience spanning a few decades. Our factory is equipped with modernised manufacturing facilities and cotton mills certified by highest quality standards.

⤑ All round excellence in every single aspect of textile production such as weaving bleaching, dyeing, and tailoring.Every cotton piece is treated with individual attention by our craftsman.

⤑ Atelier home linen brand is far ahead of our competitors and peers in the textile sector in terms of adopting brand new methodologies created by our research and development team.

⤑ Zero compromise on quality standards matching the execution levels of textile giants in countries like USA and UK. Consistent performance in delivering superior quality products to our customers.

⤑ MME is a company which loves the well being of your purse as much as its profit margins. Our product are always competitively priced which fits all types of budgets.

⤑ Our company gives total assurance of on-time delivery of textile products to your desired location.

⤑ In-house arrangements for style development, order handling and shipping support for exporting these products to foreign countries like USA and Malaysia.

⤑ A sweet relationship with our business partners bringsgreat dividends for customers in terms of quality and price.

⤑ Amazing variety of textile products especially bed sheets and towels which are sold to five star hotels all over India and also exported to foreign markets live USA and Malaysia.

⤑ Sample on demand facility so that you can get a real feel of our products before placing a new order with us.

⤑ We never give lame excuses in the name of stock shortage and always keep surplus material with us. We have mastered the art of handling large orders for bedsheets and towels by keeping additional stocks in our godowns.